Tennis rackets at the ready!…

Tennis rackets at the ready!…

The past couple of weeks would have been a key period on any sporting fan’s calendar, as Wimbledon is one of the nation’s biggest annual sports events and really puts the spotlight on the UK and on to tennis in general.

There’s something about Wimbledon that makes us want to get on our whites and go for a knock about at the local courts. Maybe the tournament has inspired you to give it a go for the first time, who knows, you might even uncover a hidden talent. Or maybe you’re already a player but watching Djokovic and Kvitova storm their way to victory has made you realise that the time may have come to take things a bit more seriously.

So whatever your inspiration and ability, if you’re keen to take up tennis the starting point would be to get the equipment right. We now have a huge new range of sports equipment online which includes some fantastic sports brands and has all the tennis accessories you’ll need to help you get prepared for a great game.

There can be quite a lot of components in a tennis kit, such as your racket, the balls, your water bottle…so this Roger Federer Starter Set from Wilson is ideal as it provides all the key equipment in one compact holdall. Or for the ladies, this pink Venus and Serena set somehow does a great job of giving the sport a touch of femininity!

If you’ve already got all the equipment and just need a way of easily carrying it back and forwards to the courts, this combi bag from Head is perfect, and there’s also a matching back pack for your change of clothes or towel and other essentials that might be needed when playing in hot weather.

For a really good game, decent tennis balls are a must. These Slazenger Wimbledon balls are about as good as it gets and the high quality, multiple beneficial features and advanced hydroguard technology make them truly Wimbledon-worthy! Must-haves for any pro or amateur player!

And finally, if you like the idea of having a bit of a rally but don’t have any local courts, why not set up your own in the back garden with one of these mini tennis nets! Portable, light weight yet still very durable, there’s no reason to miss out when you can hold your very own Wimbledon right outside your own back door!

So wherever you’re playing, and whatever level you’re going to be playing at, get the equipment right and you’re bound to have fun. Check out our full range of sports equipment for everything you’ll need for playing tennis or nearly any other sport for that matter!

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