Give your garden to TLC this summer!

Give your garden to TLC this summer!

No grassy garden is complete without a lawnmower!

When the sun comes out we all slap on the suncream and head outdoors, and with the recent sunny bursts we’ve been having, this means we’ve spent a fair amount of time in the garden.

Keep things trim with a cordless hedge trimmer

Gardens are funny things; we spend the majority of the year ignoring them, but that means that when we want to use them it’s a bit of a mess out there. With that in mind, here are some key tools that you might want to take a look at!

First of all there is the obvious one, but you probably already have this. After all, if you have any sort of grassy area then a lawnmower is essential to stop it turning into a jungle. There are some pretty nifty ones around now, which give your lawn a nice clean cut without making you break into a sweat. So that’s the lawn sorted, bt, if you’ve got a hedge, whether it’s tall or small, it’s easy for it to quickly become unkempt and look a mess.

For hedged in gardens, a hedge trimmer is a quick and easy way to instantly make your garden look smarter and less overgrown; particularly helpful if you’re having people over for a barbeque and you don’t want them to have to fight their way to the garden table. For a quick and easy solution, opt for a cordless tool, like this hedge trimmer from Bosch.

Clean up your conservatory with a handy kit

If you have a conservatory, it can be a complete pain to reach all those awkward corners on the roof. Luckily, some ingenious person invented this Karcher Conservatory Kit, which is perfect for reaching those contours and getting your conservatory ready for the summer!

Clean up patios, walls and decking with a pressure washer

If it’s your patio or decking that’s looking a bit of a mess, then reach for the pressure washer to help get rid of the grime in between all the cracks and leave your outdoor space worthy of spending time in. Karcher have come top of the charts again with this K2 Pressure Washer will get the job done easily.

Once the patio’s clean, the conservatory’s gleaming and the grass is freshly mown, your garden should be in tip top shape. If it needs an instant lease of life however, adding in some colourful plants can be a quick and easy way of brightening up your garden and making it a lovely place to be. Check out our Garden Plants section to make your garden instantly beautiful.

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Spruce up your garden this summer with our great selection of garden tools from!

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