Be Prepared for Back to School

Be Prepared for Back to School

Practical doesn't have to mean boring and unfashionable...

Soon enough the kids will be enjoying their six weeks of freedom as the summer holidays roll around once again. Like every year, the weeks will fly by and before you know it it’ll be time to join the other mums and dads for the mad back to school rush.

But what if you could avoid all of that and stock up on all the essentials now, meaning that you can put your feet up and have a well earned cuppa, whilst all the other parents are scrambling to find the right sizes and fighting over the last pair of grey socks? Well as it turns out, you can!

We’ve just launched our fabulous new schoolwear section where you can stock up on everything you need for next term, from school clothes through to pencil cases and lunchboxes.

Keep cool in a pleated skirt

If you think you will need the next size up then there’s no reason why you can’t order clothing in a slightly larger size, giving them room to grow throughout the school year. Obviously, different schools have different uniforms but basics like shirts, skirts and trousers will always be needed.

Be pretty and practical with some embellished shoes!

We love these puffed sleeve girl’s shirts, which are perfect for summer with their puffed sleeves and girl’s that are into fashion will love them. You can’t go far wrong with a pleated skirt, the staple of all girls’ school wardrobes, or the more fashion conscious might want to go for a flared style skirt.

As for footwear, well girls love shoes at any age and we think it’s best to keep things pretty, but practical. Opt for girly butterflies with this Freespirit Eleanor pair or add a hint of summer with this floral embellished pair.

Boys shouldn’t miss out on their new school wardrobe either and there’s plenty of choice for them too. It seems that boys attract more dirt, grass stains (from playing football at lunch!) and just seem to go through shirts like they’re disposable. With that in mind, why not grab a couple of multi-packs of shirts, so you always have plenty spare! Opt for short sleeved in white, blue or grey with this Top Class set or if they are allowed, polo shirts are great for everydaywear, as well as sports.

Little boys always need more pockets!

The big question is laces or velcro? We think older boys will prefer laces for a grown up option

There are plenty of different styles and colours of boys’ trousers but we think that younger lads will love these combat style trousers; perfect for storing extra pens/sweets/their mobile phone, to stop them getting lost.

Boys’ shoes are pretty straightforward, it really depends on whether you want a Velcro strap, or laces. If your little one is still struggling with tying his laces or if he’s always in a a rush, then opt for a practical pair like these easy to slip on pair of Kickers shoes. Meanwhile older boys might prefer something a little more grown up, like these comfy Kickers hiker boots.

It’s not all about the clothes though and all parents know that there’s also lunchboxes, laptops, bikes, bags and drinks bottles to get too. Don’t fear though, you can find it all here in our dedicated schoolwear section, so stock up now so you can enjoy the summer holidays without the prospect of that back to school shop!

Get it at Littlewoods

Find everything you need for back to school here at today!

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