Top luggage for avoiding those airline baggage fees

Top luggage for avoiding those airline baggage fees

If you are planning the family getaway this year, or if you are looking for a short city break, the chances are that you will have been looking up flights from some of the many low cost airlines flying in and out of an airport near you.

The Novanta has locks that are approved by USA security officials

Unfortunately, booking your getaway has become something of a stressful experience. Not only do you have to research the hotel and transport arrangements, you may also have trouble finding those so-called “bargain” flights.

Whilst it’s not hard to find a cheap deal on a flight, it’s often the case that the price you see and the price that you actually pay for your ticket are two very different things, especially if you plan on taking any luggage.

Most low cost airlines now charge a fee for checking any luggage into the holds of their aircraft, and it’s not unknown for the fees to outweigh the cost of your actual ticket. If you forget to pre-book your bag and end up paying the fee at the airport, the cost could be even more of a shock. Thankfully, it is still possible to pack enough of the essentials into your holiday whilst avoiding these fees.

Most airlines will allow you to take bags of a certain size and weight into the cabin for no extra charge and the growth of budget air travel has led to a big rise in the number of small, “cabin friendly” suitcases on the market.

So our mission here is to find an ideal suitcase that is no bigger than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm – the maximum size allowed for free travel by many low-cost airlines like Ryanair and well within the limits allowed by easyjet, British Airways and other carriers – although weight restrictions will also apply so be sure to check with your airline.

The 'Salento' bag is the lightest in our selection

Firstly, we’ll take a look at the Antler Novanta Small Cabin Rollercase which, at dimensions of 45cm x 34cm x 20cm, comes well within our target.

This durable, hard-sided roller case features PVC protective corner buffers to withstand knocks and bumps. The case also comes with a TSA combination lock, which is compliant with USA security requirements, and features a fully lined interior with mesh pockets to help you organise your belongings.

The cabin backpack is incredibly versatile

Next up, we’ve got the REVELATION By Antler Salento Cabin Roller Case, which is incredibly versatile thanks to its soft sides and various pockets. At just £32, it offers excellent value for money and at just 2.2kgs, it won’t eat into your weight allowance. Dimensions of 55cm x 35cm x 20cms mean that it fits snugly into our size restrictions and the 7 year warranty gives you one less thing to worry about.

Finally, for something incredibly versatile, we’ve got the REVELATION By Antler Salento Cabin Backpack.

This tough polyester roller case offers the ease of a wheeled case with the versatility of a backpack, making it ideal for everything from relaxing city breaks to adventure holidays. With a locking system and zipped front pocket with top side handle, this is a great choice for travellers that like to keep on the move.

With cases like these, there’s no reason to get stung by those pesky excess baggage charges at the airport. Pick your luggage today and get packing for that bargain break in the sun!

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