Get ready for summer

Get ready for summer

Get fuzz-free skin for weeks with a handy epilator

There’s a bit of a British phenomenon that you might have noticed – as soon as the sun comes out, so do our little summer dresses, flip flops and pale skin, which hasn’t seen any sunshine in quite a while!

The main problem that we’ve found here at Littlewoods Blog HQ is that the weather was a bit of a surprise, so we weren’t really ready for summer yet – our nails are unpolished, our skin is flaky and pale and our bikini lines are most definitely not fuzz free. Join us in getting your body ready for summer with these top tips.

Get a healthy glow at home with Fake Bake's 3-in-1 kit.

First of all, you’ll want to get rid of all that unwanted body hair – it goes unnoticed during the winter months, but now is the time to transform yourself into a sleek bikini goddess. With so many options, there’s no reason to delay.

If you prefer to shave, why not opt for an electric shaver, like this Wet and Dry Ladyshave from Remington – perfect for ladies on the go. If you want something a bit more permanent, but fear trying to tear wax strips off your own skin – try out an epilator, which is much easier to use at home, and with less pain too! We love the Philips Satinelle Epilator for silky soft results.

Give your nails a treat and get them into shape for summer

Next up, let’s take a look at the skin, as it’s going to be on show, so you want it to look good. Start off with a good old scrub and get rid of all those dead skin cells to leave your skin with a healthy glow. Next up, you want to make sure that you get into a good moisturising routine, to get your skin soft and supple.

Finally, once your skin is buffed and ready for the beach, why not try out a fake tan to give yourself a subtle glow, so your bright bikini doesn’t stand out horribly against your sun-deprived skin. Fake Bake have a great 3-in-1 set that gives you a body polish, oil-free moisturiser and a light fake tan for easy, streak free results.

Make your nails rainbow bright with a fun range of summery colours

Don’t forget about the details too – if your toes have been cooped up in boots and closed toe shoes for months, then the chances are that your toenails are going to be in need of some love. Come to think of it, it’s time to scrub off the dark, winter nail polishes and update your nails with a lighter and brighter colour. If your nails are in need of a pick me up, try out one of Nails Inc.’s treatment kits for weak and dry nails to bring them back to life.

If you need a range of bright, summery colours, why not opt for the I Can Paint a Rainbow kit – with a range of pretty brights for your fingers and toes. If your nails just can’t be saved and need some time to recover – you could try out some fake nails. Leave your fingernails looking their best with the Rio NACR acrylic nails kit for healthy, natural looking nails. Don’t forget the one thing that no girl should be without – a trusty nail file – priceless in those nail emergencies.

So, now you’re ready to head out into the sunshine and hit the party/beach/pool/park/back garden – well, pretty much anywhere actually!

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