Picking a pushchair – Getting around with your baby

Picking a pushchair – Getting around with your baby

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It’s officially started – the sunshine is out and suddenly the pavements and parks are filled with pedestrians heading out for a wander in the nice weather. For new mums and babies, getting around can be a bit of a trial, but we’re determined to help make life a bit easier for all you mums and dads out there, so if you’re looking to get out and about then here are a few options to check out to get you on the move.

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There are loads of pushchairs out there, to suit all budgets. From the no frills, get up and go Ladybird stroller through to the deluxe Piklo Pramette from Mamas & Papas, or if you’re looking to transport two little ones, the Cosatto Polka Dog stroller might be one to consider.

Before making a purchase like a pushchair, it’s well worth doing your research and buying one that’s best for you and your baby – sometimes you need something simple and straightforward, but for others, all the bells and whistles are important.

So, how to you go about picking a pushchair? Here are a few tips on picking the right pushchair for you, your child and your lifestyle.

What does your child need?

A travel system is a great way to mix 'n match your travel requirements.

Newborns need a pushchair that allows them to lie down fully – such as this Baby Jogger City Mini – or opt for a travel system which means the carry cot can easily be transferred from the pushchair to the car, this Ladybird Little Traveller system is a great example.

Different pushchairs will offer different options – such as which way your baby will face, the level of comfort and how long the pushchair will last.

Comfort is essential and extra padding, adjustable seats and weatherproof materials will all help baby travel in comfort, meanwhile take a look at the limits of the pushchairs, since they should see your child through several stages of development – but the needs of a toddler are not anything like that of a baby, so take this into consideration when picking your pushchair.

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Other things to consider:

Do you want something lightweight and easily foldable that will fit in your boot/on the bus? Look for slimline options that don’t take up much space and specifically mention ease of folding/small storage space. We love this Maclaren Techno XLR stroller, with its clever folding mechanism, which means you’ll always have one hand free – perfect for bus journeys!

Pick something lightweight for an easy journey...

What’s the storage like? If you’re shopping, having adequate additional storage for both your new items and your baby bag is essential. This Cosatto Cabi 2-in-1 has a large storage basket underneath, to make sure you have room to carry everything you need.

What’s the ride like for you? Make sure your chosen pushchair is easy to manoeuvre and is smooth – there’s nothing worse than bumping along a pavement with a child in tow. This lightweight Hauck Capri pushchair is amazingly light, but is also stable and has innovative 360 degree handles, for comfort of use.

Stick to your budget: While we think that a pushchair is something that should be invested in, there’s no need to go overboard. With the variety available today, you should be able to find exactly what you need while sticking to your budget.

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