Feed your child's imagination with Meccano

Feed your child's imagination with Meccano

The Mechanical Box comes with 120 pieces

When it comes to toys and games that really get a child’s imagination going, Meccano is up there towards the top of the list.

The Spykee robot comes to life with light and sound

The toy that encourages any child to become an engineer or inventor in their own bedroom has been with us since 1901 and has continued to be amongst toy boxes around the world for more than a century. Of course, the kits that are available today are a little different to the ones that you would have been able to buy 100 years ago, but the recipe has stayed virtually the same. Even the size of nuts, bolts and spacing has stayed the same, meaning that a piece from 1911 will still fit with a kit from 2011!

Today, modern Meccano is much more versatile and has been used for some incredibly creative ideas. For example, James May of Top Gear (along with the help of a few volunteers) once built a bridge across the Leeds – Liverpool canal. That was some project.

Supercharge your creations with the Construction Set

Obviously, we aren’t going to start encouraging people to try and cross canals but there’s no reason why your youngsters can’t make something fantastic with their own Meccano set, such as this Meccano Mechanical Box. Suitable for ages five and upwards, this is the perfect box for anyone who just wants to bolt pieces together and see what they can create, rather than making whatever it says in the instructions. There are suggestions for 10 models that you could create with the 120 parts included in the box but that is entirely up to you!

Youngsters who want to make something particular, such as their very own robot, may prefer Meccano Spykee Micro. Once created, this robot will come to life thanks to the infra-red controls, lights and sound effects. This set is easy to make, suitable for kids as young as five and comes with batteries included – everything that you need to get started!

The Multi Model Set has enough to make almost anything that you can imagine!

If your kids want to “supercharge” their creations, they are likely to love this Meccano Super Construction Set, which literally lets you bring your creations to life thanks to a 6V battery operated motor. So, make a racing car and it will speed off into the distance. Make a helicopter and watch the rotors spin or watch the propeller turn on your new aeroplane.

Finally, we’ll come back to the classic Meccano Multi-Model Kit. In this kit, 252 pieces make up to 15 pre-defined models – or you can just make whatever you like.

So if your youngsters usually spend the holidays sat on the sofa, encourage their minds and their imaginations this spring with a proven classic!


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