Join the third dimension with your home cinema.

Join the third dimension with your home cinema.

Throughout 2010, the big thing in television has been the arrival of 3D TV

If you have been to see blockbuster movies such as ‘Avatar’ or ‘Up’ or if you have ventured down to the local pub to capture live 3D football, rugby or golf, you’ll be aware that 3D is very much the next big thing in home cinema

If you haven’t sampled 3D for yourself yet, the concept might cast your mind back to the archetypical red and blue 3D glasses that used to come in cereal packets in the 1950s to the 1980s

Of course, cinema has moved on somewhat since then

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Samsung 46in 3D Ready LCD

Whilst a few standards of modern 3D TV exist, the concept (thankfully) remains largely the same

The subject, be it a football match or Hollywood blockbuster, is shot with a camera that has two lenses instead of one, to mimic the way in which human sight works

Imagine your own eyes looking at an object

Because your pupils are around two inches apart, each eye has a slightly different view of what you are looking at

It is this that allows you to measure depth and distance and the same principle applies to 3D

Two lenses, slightly apart, take an image of the same subject

From that, they can accurately measure depth and distance and effectively create a “third dimension”

You still need the 3D glasses, mainly because the images displayed on screen are deliberately “blurred” to represent the slightly different viewpoint of each camera, but today’s 3D specs are very much different from the 3D glasses of old

These look more like sun glasses!

Whilst every new technology has its sceptics, Hollywood and broadcasters are really getting behind 3D technology

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The essential starter kit for your 3D TV

For most people, 3D TV will also mean a new television (not to mention the upgraded satellite subscription)

Whilst most modern television sets are HD Ready, a small but increasing number are also prepared for 3D TV

So far, models such as this <a href="http://www



prd?browseToken=%2fq%2f3d+tv&prdToken=/p/prod6140799-sku10081174″>Samsung 46in 3D Freeview HD LCD TV have received very good reviews from experts and customers alike

Those looking for a bigger television may prefer a plasma option in the form of this <a href="http://www



prd?browseToken=%2fb%2f4739%2fq%2f3d+tv&trail=4739&prdToken=/p/prod6085986-sku10006906″>Samsung 50in 3D Full HD 1080P Freeview HD Plasma TV

Both sets offer full 3D compatibility as well as a Freeview HD tuner and Samsung's new Internet@TV platform, which allows you to access services such as BBC iPlayer and YouTube

To really get you ready for the 3D revolution, this <a href="http://www



prd”>3D Bundle Pack comes with everything that you need to get started, including two pairs of active LCD shutter 3D glasses and a copy of the family hit Monsters Vs Aliens

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Throughout 2011, more and more sport is going to be screened live in 3D whilst cinemas will be showing a host of films in 3D format

If you haven’t yet sampled it, you’re going to have plenty of opportunity to see it for yourself in the coming year


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