Get the Royal touch with Nails Inc.

Get the Royal touch with Nails Inc.

With the big Royal Wedding now just over a month away, we’re preparing ourselves for the flood of William and Kate memorabilia that will be hitting the market to commemorate the day.  China plates, pillows, mugs and everything else you’d expect to see sporting the happy couple’s initials intertwined with the wedding date (29th April  2011, as if you didn’t already know!)  But we’re also expecting to see some more creative thinking when it comes to the Wills and Kate theme, and the first one that’s caught our eye is from beauty favourite, Nails Inc.

'Kate' by Nails Inc.

Yes that’s right, Wills and Kate nail polish.  There are no intertwined initials or portraits involved, but each polish has a distinct Wills and Kate style.  Kate’s varnish is a classic shade of cream, or ‘nude’ if we’re using fashion terms, reflecting Kate’s chic and understated style, and the 10ml bottle is topped off with a sparkling sapphire blue crystal lid, of course inspired by her beautiful engagement ring. It’s this colour that has us imagining Kate sitting at home, wearing that blue dress and painting her nails in her very own ‘Kate’ nail polish.

'Wills' by Nails Inc.

You’d think it would be difficult to design a nail polish to reflect a male personality, but when that male is the future King, it doesn’t seem like such a challenge!

Nails Inc have created exactly what you’d expect from a nail polish called ‘Will’ – it’s patriotic, it’s very British, it is suitably red, white and blue.  A traditional red nail polish capped off with a lid encrusted with brilliant crystals in red, blue and silver (not quite white, but good enough), it’s a bottle to keep as a reminder of the event long after the nail varnish has been used up.

It might seem an odd combination, mixing the Royal Wedding with nail varnish, but we’re expecting to see much stranger things between now and the big day! And we just love the thought of Kate trying to decide whether to wear ‘Wills’ or ‘Kate’ for the hen party!

Get it at Littlewoods

Find the perfect shade with Nails Inc. at!

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  1. Posted by Alvin on September 30, 2012

    If they are real UV gel nails you will not damage them with ethier acetone or non-acetone polish remover. You won’t have any problems as long as they are real UV gel nails which is applied as a gel, not with liquid and powder as acrylic nails are. If the tech used any liquid and powder on your nails, you have acrylic nails not gel.

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