Women’s Jeans: Find your perfect fit

Women’s Jeans: Find your perfect fit

If you ask women what they find hardest to shop for I can almost guarantee that the majority have the same dilemma – finding the perfect pair of jeans. Denim is one of the most versatile things to have in your wardrobe, but get it wrong and you can end up with an unflattering cut that highlights the parts you’re trying to hide. Although not failsafe, choosing a pair of jeans to suit your body type is a great place to start when finding your perfect fit.

Body Shape: Pear Shaped

Pear shapes are small on top and larger on the bottom. Common afflictions include a full derriere, plus wide hips and thighs! To help balance out your look you should try a lower rise to help slim your hips and get rid of any gaping around your smaller waist. Good fits for pear shapes include bootcut or flared styles, but avoid super tapered at all costs or you will just emphasise your curves even more. A darker colour will help slim things down, while angled pockets will help your bottom appear smaller. Try this pair from Miss Sixty to help flatter your curves.

Body Shape: Straight Up and Down

If your body shape is fairly straight, then you want to create the illusion of some curves. But low rise and high rise jeans can be problematic as they can cause the dreaded muffin top! For this body shape you want a pair of jeans that will sit snugly on your hips. A straight leg cut will help you look taller, but if you’re already quite tall then you can also opt for a bootcut fit to help balance out your look. This pair from Apple Bottoms is a great choice for straight up and down types.

Body Type: Boy Shaped

If you’re skinny, and are lucky enough to lack an ample derriere and chunky thighs, then the skinny jean is your friend. Skinny jeans fit snugly and help create curves, make your legs look longer and generally make you look fabulous. The other good news is that it doesn’t really matter what colour you go for, but for something smarter and more slimming, darker denim is always the better option. Try this black pair from Lee for a great everyday look.

Body Shape: Petite

If you’re petite and find yourself rolling up the bottoms of your jeans then the best advice we can give is to shop for your body shape! If you’re petite, buy jeans that are designed for petite ladies. A slim fit bootcut pair will help to elongate the leg, as will a darker denim wash. Try this pair from South, in dark vintage or indigo.

Body Shape: Plus Size

Many plus size ladies make the mistake of going for loose fitting, baggy jeans in an attempt to hide their womanly curves. However, swamping yourself in denim isn’t going to flatter your shape and you actually want to get something that’s more form fitting, which will actually be more slimming. A straight leg cut will aid the illusion of length and a darker colour will help slim your bottom half. Try this pair from Ann Harvey in a flattering dark indigo.

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