New Year, New You: Get Active!

New Year, New You: Get Active!

A new year often means a new start for many people, so why not start with your fitness and get yourself fighting fit for the year ahead with our top tips on the best exercises to help whip you into shape?

Yes, if spending hours on the treadmill is your idea of hell then ditch the gym and instead get active at your local park, or even in your living room! Here are our top ideas for how to get in shape for the New Year:

Get active this New Year - but don't forget your running shoes!


Now, we don’t mean running full pelt for an hour on a treadmill – what we mean is a relaxing jog that will get you sweating, but won’t leave you feeling exhausted. This is a perfect exercise to do with a friend and doing it with someone else will help you to push yourself further than you normally would.

Remember to stretch properly before jogging and invest in some running shoes that fit properly, otherwise you can do damage to your ankles if you take a tumble. Start with a slow jog for around 20 minutes, and then build up to get faster and run for longer – you’ll be a pro before you know it!


A bike is a great way to get around!

Now, for many of us here at Littlewoods HQ we haven’t been on a bike since we were made to do a cycling safety testat school – but if you like the idea of building up your stamina, exploring the countryside (you could even make it a family affair) and getting some fresh air, then cycling is a brilliant exercise.

Not only that but it’s far easier on your joints than something like running, and investing in a bike means that instead of driving to your friend who lives just down the road, you can cycle instead of driving!


Yoga is great for improving your overall fitness...


If your New Year’s resolutions include getting fit and trying not to get too stressed about things, then yoga is a brilliant exercise to combat both. Although it might not seem like the most ‘active’ exercise it does help you to improve muscle tone and strength and can include cardiovascular activity (depending on the class) – so although it’s not one for weight loss, it is good for improving your overall fitness! It’s also very relaxing, including meditation and deep breathing, so if you need to wind down after a hard day, kill two birds with one stone at a yoga class.

Get fit - Without leaving the house!

Get your yoga mat and head down to your local gym to see what classes they have on offer.

Wii Fit

Every year brings some kind of exercise trend and whilst they come and go – the Wii Fit trend seems to be here tostay. If you, or your kids, have a Wii then getting a Wii Fit board is a brilliant way of getting into shape – without even leaving the house. Mixing a variety of games and exercise – you won’t feel like you’ve had a workout but the Wii Fit will help you to track your progress, including your weight, best performances and the better you do, the more ‘games’ you can unlock – brilliant!

Get it at Littlewoods

Get fit with our top exercises for 2011 - get everything you need here at Littlewoods today!

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