Find your perfect dress style

Find your perfect dress style

The weeks surrounding the New Year are party season – which means you need to find your perfect party dress. When it comes to choosing a party dress then the thing to remember is that the party dress is a thing of pure indulgence; other than making us look fabulous it really serves no other function – we won’t wear it often and we can rarely mix and match it. But the main thing is that is makes us look (and feel) fantastic so it’s not something to scrimp and save on.

So, what makes the perfect party dress? The dress you want will highlight your best features, but hide those lumps and bumps you don’t want anyone to see. So, for example if you have legs up to your armpits, then you will want to show them off, likewise if you’ve overindulged during the festive season then you might want a flattering cut to hide your tummy.

Remember the rules for dresses; elegance is key – which means picking your lower half or your upper half to show off, never do both or you might end up flashing too much flesh. You can also choose a dress according to your body shape – tips below!

Apple Shaped

If you’re apple shaped you are ‘top heavy’ which means you have broad shoulders, an ample bosom and a full waist while you have slim legs and hips. The best dress shapes for apple bodies are strapless and round necklines, as well as those with a fitted bodice. If you have a fuller bust, go for a flattering v-neck and a fuller skirt will help to balance out your top half. Try to avoid halterneck and boat style necklines as these will only emphasise your broad shoulders! A one shouldered dress can be a great way to trick the eye, this gorgeous dress from Lipsy is a perfect example of how to dress apple shapes.

Pear Shaped

Pear shapes are smaller on top and bigger in the hip, bottom and thigh area. To balance your body shape out you can try a dress with an A-Line skirt (with a slight flare) as these will emphasise your small waist but hide those hips and thighs. Try dresses with an embellished top half, or a lighter colour on the top half to bring the eye upwards and away from your bottom half. This babydoll dress from Love Label is great for adding some shimmer to your style whilst skimming your hips and bottom!

Hourglass Shaped

If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, then rejoice! You can get away with most dress types. Your body will be well proportioned with a voluptuous bust and bottom, but with a small waist. The most flattering dress style for hourglass figures is a v-neckline which is structured with panels, and a full A-Line skirt that skims over your hips – think Marilyn Monroe! This cute black halterneck dress from Holly Willoughby is great for making the best of your curves.

Rectangular Shaped

Ok, we don’t actually mean you look like a rectangle, but you do lack curves, with a wider waist and flatter chest. You might like to think of yourself as ‘boyishly’ shaped! Luckily you have a variety of dress styles to help you feel feminine and curvy. Try an empire line with embellishment or detail under the bust line, to help create the illusion on a well defined waist. You can also get away with plunging necklines, without showing off a bit too much! Wide belts will also help you create the illusion of a curvier figure. This polka dot dress from Morgan is perfect for creating some curves and helping you to stand out in a crowd!

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Find the perfect dress for your body shape here are today!

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