Best Gifts for Gadget Geeks

Best Gifts for Gadget Geeks

From iPods to Digital Cameras and Plasma Screen TVs – there is a huge amount of gadgetry out there these days, so for those gadget geeks in your life, here are a few ideas for the festive season. Just be prepared to make an investment – they won’t settle for anything less than the best!

Mobile Phones

From the new Windows Phone to Android, there are loads of great phones out at the moment which are sure to satisfy the most snobbish mobile user – for Android fans you’ll be spoilt for choice. The HTC Desire has made a big impact on the Android world, and is a firm favourite if you want to play it safe. For business users, try a Blackberry Curve for great email access as well as MS Office compatibility, so your gadget geek can work while they’re on the move.


The main question you want to be asking your gadget geek this Christmas is – LCD, LED or Plasma screen? Once you’ve found out what their preference is you’ll have loads of choice – so take your pick. Sony are a popular brand for TVs and you could do much worse this Christmas, since you can get your VAT back on any of their TVs if you buy one in December. Get a crisp, clear picture with their LCD 37” TV – sure to please any gadget fan.

Or, if you’re looking for a Plasma screen TV, try this 42” HD Ready LG Plasma TV – perfect for watching movies on, or viewing the latest sporting events in super clear HD.


Do you get fed up on holiday when your gadget geek tries to take tops pics and you end up standing around posing for an age, before getting fed up and wandering off before they’ve got their ‘perfect’ shot? Well make their life easier with a top camera that will do all the hard work for them!

Try this Panasonic Lumix camera, with 14 megapixels and 8 times optical zoom as well as a variety of modes and face detection technology, it should be a snap to get the perfect picture! Or if you’re a fan of taking self portraits, try this Samsung PL50 with dual screens to get shots lined up quickly and easily.

iPods and MP3 Players

The iPod has become a household name for playing music on the go – Apple have just released their new iPod range including the rather snazzy iPod Nano which has the touchscreen technology that makes Apple products top of the range.

If you’d rather not go for the Apple range however, then you won’t be stuck without music on your morning bus journey as there are plenty of other MP3 players out there to carry your music on the go. This Phillips 4Gb Raga MP3 player is popular with Littlewoods’ customers.

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Get the perfect gift for your gadget geek with today!

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