A Magical New Advert from Littlewoods and Coleen

A Magical New Advert from Littlewoods and Coleen

Style icon and face of Littlewoods, Coleen Rooney invites you to join her in the magical world of ‘Littlewoods’ this Christmas to find the perfect fashion and gifts for the festive season.

Airing for the first time today, the ad campaign features Britain’s favourite fashion icon, who is seen entering an enchanted house wearing a beautiful cream ruffle shift dress. Coleen is joined by a group of friends wearing key pieces for the party season including a wrap front bustier dress and a faux fur jacket.


As the clock strikes midnight everyone begins to eagerly search the house for presents to Danny Elfman’s enchanting ‘What’s This?’

In the library, attic and through secret doors, amazing gifts are revealed including Apple iPods, digital cameras and Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyears for children.


The advert ends with all presents placed under the Christmas tree and the scene dissolving into a snow globe with the tag line ‘Discover the Perfect Gift – Littlewoods.com’.

Coleen was launched as the new face for Littlewoods.com in June 2010 appearing on the cover of the Littlewoods catalogue and as a guest editor in the first pages of the book and on the website.

Coleen stared in her first advertising campaign for Littlewoods.com in September 2010. The ‘Nice Boots’ campaign cemented Coleen Rooney as the new face for Littlewoods.com and focused on her role as style advisor.

Get it at Littlewoods

Shop the New Christmas Ad at Littlewoods.com

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  1. Posted by ann farrell on November 2, 2010

    I love it, love it, love it, yet again another fab ad.

  2. Posted by stephanie roberson on December 10, 2010

    hello, please can you tell me what the dress is that the lady with the long brown hair is wearing at the start of the advert at the back of the group as they look up to the clock? it is a very light brown colour and she is wearing it with thick grey-ish tights and a black neckless? ive been looking for ages and getting no joy! please help.11 seconds into the advert she is on her own looking around!x

  3. Posted by admin on December 13, 2010

    Hi Stephanie, the dress is our Love Label Pussy Bow Swing Dress – http://bit.ly/fhqnrK. We also have some other similar styles such as this printed swing dress http://bit.ly/eoftW7 and this floral chiffon swing dress http://bit.ly/fNKAsk

  4. Posted by Shona on November 4, 2011

    I HATE the advert! It is shown at too early and I an a lot of other mum’s are now facing tears from children as the question why Santa isn’t leaving the presents. Gonna be a lot of disenchanted children this Christmas. Thanks to littlewoods for being this years Grinch and stealing Christmas from the kids not to mentions stealing cmthwir childhood…4 years old is perhaps a little young to stop believing in Santa don’t you think?!?!! Clearly the add wasn’t well thought about and as a mum I’d have though Coleen would have realised this!

  5. Posted by mac at home on November 10, 2011

    great advert just love it xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Posted by luke on November 13, 2011

    wow, you guys are sick, ruin Christmas spirit for young kids. *spits*

  7. Posted by ANN MACARTNEY on November 13, 2011


  8. Posted by shell on November 15, 2011

    I bet this advert is ruining the magic of Christmas for many families. Santa leaves the presents under the tree for my 3 year old!! Christmas ads should make you feel festive and excited but I have to change the channel whenever I see this. You should have thought about how many children you are upsetting! (Take a few tips from John Lewis!)

  9. Posted by Marnie Jackson on November 15, 2011

    Can’t say i’m too impressed with a major high street store telling my son in the first year he properly understands christmas that Santa doesnt leave the presents i do! Definately one shop this santa won’t be visiting again!

  10. Posted by Wendy Coulson on November 15, 2011

    Shocking that littlewoods have ruined Christmas for young kids.

  11. Posted by kimberley clay on November 15, 2011

    What a terrible advert. What were you thinking littlewoods? oh i know lets ruin christmas for little children and their parents. you stink!!!

  12. Posted by emily on November 17, 2011

    hate hate hate cynical brattish advert! completely misjudged the financial climate. will never buy from you.

  13. Posted by Dafyd on November 21, 2011

    I’ve already submitted a complaint about this despicable advert to the Advertising Standards Authority. Apart from completely ruining the few magical years when children still believe in Santa Claus and causing all sorts of difficult questions such as ‘why doesn’t my mummy buy me presents’ (when she died six months ago!), but we also have the expectation that an Xbox etc is the norm!

    As a debt adviser I look forward to the New Year and hoards of people who can’t afford to pay their Littlewoods repayments.

    Have a nice Christmas Littlewoods, at this rate it may well be your last!

  14. Posted by Stuart on November 29, 2011

    I absolutely loathe that Christmas advert for all the above reasons and more. I’ll never ever shop there as a result and hope others vote with their feet

  15. Posted by Aaron Anthony on December 4, 2011

    Well done Littlewoods you have just spoilt christmas for millions of kids! You must be very proud of yourselves! I have read some of your pitiful excuses for airing this advert, but when you show during a kids movie mob then it suggests to me that you are deliberately trying to destroy the magic of christmas for kids. I would like this advert removing altogether but not sure you are going to do this. If going to keep then put it on at a time when the majority of young kids are in bed and not likely to see advert.

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