Double Denim

Double Denim

Clothes can say more about a person than you may think; you can tell if someone’s confident, shy, straight laced, happy go lucky or even just plain odd. Taking this into consideration, you might want to think about first impressions, and we’ll start with one that can be worn any way, pretty much any time: double denim.

Jeans are the key!

First off, don’t think you can grab the first two denim items you own, throw them on together, and master the look already (unless you’re very lucky!). You have to decide what effect you’re going for, and what reflects you as a person – both personality-wise and skin tone. Timeless or Texas? There are two main looks with double denim, defined more by the finishing touches than the main article. For timeless, get your hands on some dark denim skinny jeans or jeggings (worn without a belt), as dark colours are more slimming, and will therefore elongate the legs. Next, a pretty white camisole top (weather dependant), perhaps with a lace trim – this will break up the outfit, so it’s neither plain Jane nor too much. Top off with a lighter denim shirt, but find the one that suits your skin tone (and not as light as chambray) unbuttoned just enough to show the top of your camisole. To finish, slip on some flats or sandals , add some simple earrings and/or a bangle or two and a scarf if it’s chilly (chunky knit or pashmina), but don’t overdo it.

For Texas, get some lighter jeans, skinny or looser (think boyfriend fit, but no jeggings!), and if you’re really committed, go distressed or ripped. You’ll need to layer your top half for that choppy, messy chic, so throw on a white tee, either plain or with a graphic (go old school), a check shirt (granddad style if you can find one) and a long line chambray shirt (to break up the look). Deciding on a jacket can be a tough one. If you’re phasing it in with the chambray shirt (or tunic) you can afford to go either way, as long as it isn’t as light as your jeans. If not, go for the contrast, dark denim (around indigo). Finish off with a brown belt, either chunky through the belt loops, or thin tied around the whole lot. Now lace up some chunky shoes or boots (with or without a heel, and leave out the cowboy boots!), and blow dry your hair, giving it volume, before hair-spraying and scrunching for that looked after but messed up look.* If you’ve got the guts, get your lashes big and your lips red. Accommodate for warmer weather too, because in England, you never do know! If it’s too warm to layer, wear some light coloured, high rise boot-cut jeans , and finish off with a dark denim shirt , tied in a knot at the waist, and not unbuttoned too much. Finish with a pair of heeled shoes , oversized sunglasses and a straw trilby.

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