University Essentials

University Essentials

September is here and, if you’ve got a teenager who was recently celebrating their A-Level results, you’re probably already fretting over the prospect of packing them off to a city that’s miles away as they begin university life.

It won’t be long before you’re packing off almost all of their possessions in the back of the car and heading to their new home for the next three years or more and, like any concerned parent, you’ll want to make sure that they are fully prepared for the next chapter in their lives with all of the necessary essentials.

However, what a parent and a fresher consider to be “the essentials” are often two very different things. Whilst you, as a parent, might be thinking of items that will keep them clean, clothed and off the “most valued customers” list at their new local takeaway, they are likely to be thinking of maps to local bars and a way of memorising when the “£1 a pint” nights are on.

Here comes the point where your life experience needs to shine through and Littlewoods have come up with a basic list of September student essentials for the new academic, covering everything from the kitchen to the lecture theatre.

Working on the move.

Gone are the days when students locked themselves in the library for hours on end with only a cup of coffee for company. Today, students can take their coursework wherever they wish.

This Zoostorm laptop computer is the ideal academic companion, offering everything that the student on the go needs – including WiFi, a 160GB hard drive and Windows 7. It’s also available in black or pink.

The perfect accessory for your new notebook is Microsoft Office Home Office and Student Edition 2010. This gives you Microsoft’s latest feature-packed office suite, including the latest editions of Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint.

In the kitchen

We wouldn’t expect every student to become the next Jamie Oliver or Marco Pierre White but at the same time, students will soon need to learn that their food can’t always be delivered to their door in a cardboard box.

So let’s take care of the bare essentials. No kitchen should be without a kettle, toaster and a basic set of pans. It’s not going to turn your offspring into Michelin star chefs but it should encourage them to try out new foods and adopt a somewhat healthier diet.

Around the house

If your youngsters are about to handle the concept of laundry for the first time, then they’ll absolutely love out next essential! Put simply, without this steam iron and ironing board, their credibility in the campus fashion stakes is going to take a bit of a knock!

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