Top Tunes for Summer

Top Tunes for Summer

Everything is very summery at the moment and now that the suns out I think there’s nothing better than sitting in the garden with friends and a glass of vino (or two!), listening to some top summer tunes.

Of course everyone has their own personal taste but no doubt there are some songs that just make everyone think of summer and relive some great memories. It’s amazing how just hearing a song can make you remember a certain year! I’ve just made a super summery playlist on my iPod for when I’m walking to work – cheers me up no end, especially when the sun is shining too.

If you need some inspiration for some summery songs for your collection or if you want to make a playlist for a summer party or barbeque, then here are a few ideas!

  • Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

A true classic, I defy anyone to listen to this and not feel summery. Definitely one to remember all of those summer romances.

  • Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

One to put a big smile on everyone’s face – catchy and upbeat, this will get everyone dancing.

  • Wake Up Boo! – The Boo Radleys

Wake up it’s a beautiful morning – this is one you’ll be hearing a lot on the radio at the moment, especially if it really is a beautiful morning. A great one to listen to first thing to make your morning a bit brighter.

  • Smile – Lily Allen

Not strictly a summer song but it definitely was released in the summer, I remember because it reminds me of a job I had when I was a student, in the summer holidays. One of Lily’s best songs and will leave you humming it all day long.

  • School’s Out – Alice Cooper

Kids will love this one. With the summer holidays imminent this is one to play at family barbeques and parties, because all the kids can definitely identify!

  • Boys of Summer – Don Henley

A brilliant car cruising song to have on your summer CD for the car – chilled out and bringing back some childhood summer memories.

  • Alright – Supergrass

There’s nothing really deep and meaningful here – just pure pop fun.

  • Mambo No. 5

No summer list would be complete without a bit of pure cheese and this one ticks all the right boxes – adding a bit of a Caribbean feel to your playlist.

There are loads of great summer tunes – from upbeat dance songs to romantic numbers that leave you remembering those lost romances and classics that transport you back to years gone by. Summer playlists are definitely a great idea – so why not make one today? There are loads of MP3 players and iPod’s here at too so you can take you music on the move and enjoy your summer tunes wherever you are.

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