Top Kids Games to Play on the Plane

Top Kids Games to Play on the Plane

Flying is entertaining for kids, right up until about five minutes after takeoff when they seem to get rather bored by the whole experience! You’re in for a doubly long flight if there’s no films they want to watch on the flight so make sure you have some handy games to keep them entertained and quiet (or as quiet as kids can be when playing games) too.

You can’t go wrong with a classic board game and there are loads of classic games available in a travel variety including monopoly, battleship and cluedo – which should keep the kids (and you!) entertained for a good few hours.

But of course we live in a digital age and there might be some kids who will turn their noses up at classic board games, preferring instead to plug in their earphones and indulge in some portable gaming. The most popular handheld gaming device is of course the Nintendo DS. You can get your hands on loads of different Nintendo DS/Lite/DSi bundles so there should be some games to please even the pickiest of kids!

If you want to keep their brains engaged on the flight then try the rather nifty 20Q. These brilliant little devices will ask you twenty questions in order to guess whatever it is you have thought of. So, if you think of a lion 20Q will ask you questions to figure it out and then when it has figured it out it will tell you. A clever little device that will leave kids amazed and wanting to try again, this one is also great for car journeys as you can help them out if they are unsure of the answer, without having to look at what they’re doing.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt when travelling it’s that card games never go out of fashion. You simply cannot beat a good game of Uno to keep you entertained. There are loads of different ways to play it and you can set up competitions and before you know it the flight will be over! The only downside is that you can only really play it between 2-3 people as you will have to play it on your fold out food trays but it’s definitely a winner for smaller families.

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