Dream over, reality bites, now the real fun can begin

Dream over, reality bites, now the real fun can begin

One of the few advantages of following a club that never wins anything is failure becomes the norm. Fans of successful sides try to tease and goad you, but their jibes fall on stony ground. They just don’t understand.

Year after trophyless year wears your ability to care away, until eventually you resign yourself to the fact that the football gods hate you and nothing good is ever going to happen.

It’s a bittersweet moment; on the one hand you know you’ll never get to wear facepaint at Wembley or hug random supporters as your team glides past in their open-top victory parade. But on the other hand, you become a better human being, much more laid-back and far more accepting of what life throws at you.

So when the pizza place puts pineapple on your American Hot, you shrug your shoulders and pick off the offending fruit. When your mate beats you to the last lager in the fridge you sigh and put the kettle on. And when you discover your wife has blown the life-savings to fund a dirty weekend with her Rugby-loving lover, you shake his hand and congratulate him on his good taste.

Don’t get me wrong, I was as upset as the next man when England failed so miserably, but I was over it after ten minutes. And looking at their faces as they left the pitch, I’d say that was about ten minutes longer than any of the team.

The Quarter Finals have been great. Absolutely riveting, and I can’t help thinking if our bunch of misfits had been involved they’d only have spoiled the fun. Consider the evidence:

Holland v Brazil: Hot favourites stroll into an early lead, become complacent and shoot themselves in the foot. Lots of lovely footage of smug Man City rejects crying. My wife has Holland in her office sweep too, so she’s a happy bunny – she better not blow any of her winnings on that Rugby bloke.

Uruguay v Ghana: Technically gifted South Americans edge out wildly entertaining Africans in the most compelling game of the tournament. The final 20 seconds will surely go down in history as the stuff of legend. Absolutely gutted for the Ghanaians, they’d have made worthy Semi-finalists.

Argentina v Germany: Outrageous flair (and hair) comes a cropper when it comes up against the pace and exuberance of Joachim Loew’s young guns. Lots of sympathy for Maradonna from the footballing press but none from me; a proven cheat both on and off the pitch and I still say he looks ridiculous in that suit.

Spain v Paraguay: Ok, this one stank, but at least a Spanish victory ensures the Germans will have to up their game if they’re to make it to the final.

Bring on the Semis – an enthralling couple of games in prospect – I can’t wait.

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