Men can accessorise too!

Men can accessorise too!

When it comes to accessorising men and women are definitely different. Women can go all out on ornate jewellery, hats, scarves and endless pairs of shoes  whereas guys are quite lucky as they only need a few bits and bobs to add to their normal look to add a bit of pizzazz or as is usually the case, something that’s practical too.

For those of you who wear suits pretty often then no doubt you’ll have a nice selection of ties to mix and match with, but frankly if you’re wearing a suit everyday you can never have too many. For a classic everyday look this grey pierre cardin tie is perfect but if you’re after something with more character and colour, for a special occasion perhaps, try this Ted Baker purple silk tie.

Sticking with the suit theme for all you football fans out there who want to show their support in a discreet way, rather than trying to team your suit with your teams’ hat try something far more subtle and stylish with some silver crest cufflinks which you can get for some major UK teams including Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Moving away from those of you who like to be suited and booted and onto a more casual style, you might not think that you’re much of an accessories person but I can guarantee that you own or are in need of a belt and a pair of sunglasses!

You can’t go wrong with a classic black belt which will not only look great with any pair of trousers or jeans but will also save you from the dreaded ‘builders bum’ syndrome. If you want more of a statement belt then this brown Wrangler belt with a large bull featuring buckle will add a bit of pizzazz.

Now that the summer is here and we’ve seen some sunshine no doubt you will have been missing a pair of sunglasses, if you don’t have any already, to keep the sun out of your eyes and of course add some summer cool to your outfit. I really like these aviator style Police sunglasses which are bound to top off any outfit and will keep you from squinting when it’s sunny (which is never a good look!). For a retro 60’s feel these classic Superdry sunglasses are perfect for those sunny days out.

As you can see there’s plenty more to accessorising than meets the eye and while you might not think that accessories are for men, they most definitely are so make sure you get your hands on some ready for the summer.

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  1. Posted by robert on June 14, 2010

    the mens section is getting a joke try buying med size shirts all out of stock suits no jacket 40″ or carn’t get 32″ trouses same as 32″ jeans or casual trouses am i odd SIZE i think not

  2. Posted by admin on June 16, 2010

    Hi Robert, we’ve got lots of new ranges coming in on a daily basis as some of the older lines are selling through and new ones coming in, you can see a preview of the new ranges here

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