England vs USA first thoughts

England vs USA first thoughts

First and foremost it has been great to see that the tournament has started so well and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

The whole world was holding its’ breath to see how the world cup would be received in a country that had never held a tournament like this before. I am delighted to say that it all seems to have gone fantastically well so far, the opening ceremony was a magnificent spectacle and it is great to see it happening in South Africa.

So to England; not the start we would have hoped for. The game began so well, a really positive first 20 minutes helped by the early Steven Gerrard goal. I think the whole nation was feeling positive, we had got off to a good start and we all thought we would go on to score a few goals and get a handsome win under our belts. Unfortunately it was a goalkeeping mistake that you just can’t legislate for. You can’t help but feel sorry for Rob Green in that situation and it is an error that will haunt him for the rest of his life. However that is one of the pit-falls of being a goalkeeper.

As a centre forward the ball can come into me and I could let it run under my foot, mis-control it or the defender can get a nick on it and you feel like a fool, but luckily you can usually recover it as the game progresses. As we saw on the weekend however, the slightest mistake from a goalkeeper can result in a goal.

The US goal had a huge impact on England and changed the pattern of the game. As you would expect, the Americans got a great lift from the goal and from then on England lacked cohesion and struggled to get our game plan back on track again. I might point out though that the USA are a very capable team who just lost out in the CONCAF cup last year having been 2-0 up against Brazil, a tournament in which they beat Spain. Of course we would have liked to have won but I think at the end of the day a draw is a good result.

The rest of the tournament so far been pretty exciting and my pick of the bunch has to be Argentina. Although they only won 1-0, they created a host of chances, and with the talent at their disposal, it will make them a side to reckon with. It was great to see Ghana win, they are one of the African sides people believe have a chance and can go far, so no surprise to see them win their first game.

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